Acidic Vaginal Liquid Explosion Generated by Mass Amounts of Filthy Fecal Fisting and Sadistic Septic Syphilic Sodomy Inside the Infected Maggot Infested Womb of a Molested Nun Dying Under the Roof of a Burning Church While a Priest Watches and Ejaculates in Immense Perverse Pleasure Over His First Fresh Fetus.


Are a death metal band formed in Durban, South Africa. Their first EP, titled Gore, was released on 31 July 2016. Their first studio album, Gore 2.0, was released on 6 July 2018.

The band's music has been categorised as brutal death metal, grindcore, and goregrind.

Member Kris Xenopoulos, speaking about the unabridged name of the band, stated that he and Duncan Bentley "spent two hours coming up with the most ridiculous, most brutal and edgy name we could think of; because we just thought it would be super funny to start a comedy/meme death metal project that was just over the top when it came to everything.

We got the most unreadable logo possible made to add to the fun".
Xenopoulos and Bentley were previously members of the band Vulvodynia.