Herrie, snoeiharde metal events

About us

Shitstorm is a small event/booking/design company that has done a shitload of events in the past. After years of working with several venues, bands and damn awesome people, the time was right to team up with Hal25 Alkmaar and Raptor Events.
Herrie is a passion project, we do it because we love the music, the bands and the people. If you want to get in touch, promote your band, sponsor the event, please don't hesitate in contacting us.
Cheers! Mike, Shitstorm


Herrie is loud, nasty, brutal, fast and more stuff your mom probably is not into Every year we do one big Herrie Festival and random Herrie band nights happen throughout the year.

The venue is Hal25 in Alkmaar, a big industrial place with a bit more of an edge then your normal venue. Check out the upcoming events if you want to experience brutal Herrie, great drinks, awesome food and the damn sweet venue for yourself!

Planned Events

Shortlist of the upcoming events:

24 - 09 - 2021 // HERRIE METAL FESTIVAL DAY 1
25 - 09 - 2021 // HERRIE METAL FESTIVAL DAY 2
30 - 04 - 2022 // HUMANITY'S LAST BREATH + 2
15 - 10 - 2022 // ???
"Wat een herrie"
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