Welcome to the website of HERRIE! Loud and nasty music with great vibes.
It’s our mission to bring the noise to the city of Alkmaar, getting brutal, slamming, thrashing and just fun bands on a stage and have a damn good time.
Check out our upcoming gigs and support the scene by dropping by in the events or getting some nasty Herrie merch!


– 13-07-2024 – Scrapyard! –

Time to combine your craft beer with a mix of blackened melodic deathcore and thrashing groovy metal! The Scrapyard stage will be used by old friends and new!

On the 24th of October it’s time for some propper Herrie from the German band Ruins of Perception and our semi local heroes Arising Rebellion!

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– 10-07-2024 – Deathcave! –

We are going back again to the Victorie Alkmaar! Spreading some damn fine Herrie during the newest edition of Victorie Deathcave! On 10-10-2024 we will unleash a mix of brutal, slamming, grinding, blasting, riffing noise. The headliner of this special gig? None other then Monument of Misanthropy with a exclusive gig in the Netherlands! Support will come from Storm upon the Masses, Everything Decays and Smegma Likker!

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30-11 // HERRIE FEST 2024

– 05-06-2024 – new bands! –

OH YEAH! Time for some brand new bands on the bill of Herrie Fest 2024! We welcome a mix of slam, core, gore, death and beats! Get the party started with none other then Korpse, Klakmatrak, Clitgore, The Broken Horizon, Braces and Gutslasher!

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– 10-05-2024 – new show! –

This is going to be a heavy one! Our brutal surfing deathmetallers are coming back to Alkmaar and they will bring one hell of a batch of old and new friends with them! Fun in the sun combined with the finest slamming deathmetal!

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30-11 // HERRIE FESTIVAL 2024

– 27-03-2024 – festival announcement –

A full day of stomping, brutal, mixed heavy genres and a shitton more! HERRIE FESTIVAL is back again in HAL 25! This will be one of the heaviest line-ups so far. The first batch of bands is allready a damn good reason to get some new earplugs. Don’t mis out on this banger of a day!

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18-04 // Death Awaits

– 11-03-2024 – show announcement –

The Scrapyard in Alkmaar was in need of some slams and deathcore, so we delivered with some damn nasty breakdowns, gutturals and filthy riffs!
Get your metal going with our friends from France, DEATH AWAITS! With support from the fresh deathcore newcomers in the scene, CANYON LITERATURE!
For this event we are going to do a pay what you can system, which ticket you get is up to you!

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– 04-03-2024 – full poster! –

Full poster for Hemelvaartse Herrie is online! This nasty bill we be spreading itself online and offline! Going to be one hell of a hemelvaartsdag!
A festival day with bands, drinks, food, merch and weird random Herrie stuff!

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29-02 // PIJN + PIXLE.

– 15-02-2024 – support! –

We got a band to support the wall of heaviness from Pijn on 29 in The Scrapyard Welcome to the bill: Pixle. From the depths of a basement in Heerhugowaard they will play some impressive prog rock.

A recommendation for fans of Porcupine Tree and Radio Head! Don’t miss out on this one!

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– 13-02-2024 – new bands! –

We complete the line-up of Hemelvaartse Herrie with some damn fine grinding noise! Get your full range of blasts and grooves with none other than Rotten Sound and Escuela Grind! With them and of course our own BliepBliep and newcomer Detroit we complete the bill of our 09-05-2024 festival! Full poster online asap!

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16-05 // Party Cannon

– 08-02-2024 – show announcement –

Our Scottish slamming friends are back in town! Party Cannon is back in Alkmaar to make sure you will get a IQ dropping night of brutal slamming deathmetal, beach balls, inflatables, pushups and inhuman noises!
With them on the bill, Cognitive from the USA! Brutal technical deathmetal to get the party going!

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– 02-02-2024 –  more new bands! –

Angry slams, brutal deathcore and a musical experience you won’t see everyday. We welcome to the bill of Hemelvaartse Herrie:

GUTRECTOMY // Angry slamming deathmetal from Germany!
SUN EATER // Modern german deathcore!
PEUL // Terrace doom!


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– 31-01-2024 – new bands! –

Time to bring some stomping, blasting, beatdown brutality to the bill on 09-05 in HAL 25 Alkmaar! Party hard with none other then:

NO FACE NO CASE // Nu-beatdown from Czech
CARRION // Brutal deathmetal from Belgium
MACABRE DEMISE // One man deathmetal brutality from Germany

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– 29-01-2024 – show announcement –

We are back in Victorie Alkmaar! Proud to announce the line up of the new edition of Victorie Deathcave! On 28-03-2024 there will be a massive amount of blasts, riffs, breakdowns and inhuman guttural noises.

Party hard with Embrace Your Punishment (fr), Diaroe (de), Subvergence (be) and our own local heroes Man As Plague!

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29-02 // PIJN +1

– 22-01-2024 – show announcement –

A new show in The Scrapyard! All the way from Manchester, we bring you the band PIJN. A post-metal powerhouse that brings you a intense portion of heavy music with pounding grooves and uneasy timid moments.

Combine your intense Moersleutel beers with some intense metal! The support act of this event will be online as soon as possible.

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– 08-01-2024 – show announcement –

Local deathmetallers BLOID and thrasy catchy metalcore band FLAMEKEEPER will hit the stage in The Scrapyard on 01-02!

The venue will be testing out a new lighting rig and what better way to test it then with some heavy noise!

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