Herrie, the Dutch word for noise. And that is what the Herrie events are, pure brutal noise. The first event in 2019 was a passion project, a tribute to years of promoting shows and tours for all kind of venues around Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

But it did not stay at that one event, falling in love with a venue that is not afraid of trying out new styles, brutal music, weird acts, food and even drinks. 
In the covid period we were still able to do a couple of covid-proof try out events, this means we survived this part of the pandemic, now it's time to survive the rest of it.
At the moment we work hard and proud to get you the best experience possible with all styles of metal music, unusual acts and great food and drinks.

All this is not possible without Shitstorm, Raptor Events, The Scrapyard, 072-PC, Daisy Bell and of course the venue HAL 25.

Shitstorm is the company that pushes and books the events, want to do a gig, sponsor a event, help on an event or just get in touch?
Just slide in the dm's on the socials or just email info@shtstrm.com

Mike, Shitstorm

Past events